Safeguard Your Sanctuary

Would you allow bugs to crawl into your room every morning?

I would assume most people you would say, no!

Your room and home is your sanctuary. The bugs may disturb your peace of mind.

Many times, out of habit, we allow fear and anxiety in – without even being aware of them. We allow our sanctuary (heart and mind) to┬ábe invaded.

In my experience, social media and news are mostly negative. They are very effective in creating anger and fear.

Last week, I was wondering why I am not as calm as I used to be when I left for work.

I realized that lately, after waking up and before meditation, I quickly checked the news and social media. That was the source of my agitation! I was allowing my sanctuary to be invaded by sources that drained my energy, when I was the most vulnerable.

I stopped my habit of checking news and I felt much calmer afterwards.

This does not mean to cut off from news and social media. It means picking and choosing when to allow them in during the day.

Which of your habits allows your sanctuary to be invaded?

What habits can you let go?

What habits can you start that can bring your more energy and peace?

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat

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