When Short Term Becomes Permanent

When we are in transition, we may take several short term actions toward our ultimate goal.

Many short term actions may end up becoming permanent without even realizing it.

What are some of the important short term decisions that may become permanent?

  • Where you reside and your environment which is not desirable
  • Your job and career which you may not enjoy at all
  • Expression of your truth and feelings that you hold back not to rock the boat
  • Certain sacrifices you make for short term
  • Physical activity that you may do less for something more urgent
  • Meditation and self-care due to lack of time

If we get distracted or do not get out of short term situations in a reasonable time, we may become comfortable in an uncomfortable situation (we did not plan for) which has many adverse impact on our happiness and health.

It is important to have access to caring friends or good coaches to help us to keep our momentum toward what we truly desire.

Take a look at look at important aspects of your life: career, heath, finance, spirituality and relationship. Which ones are short term and you are looking forward to something more fulfilling?

How long has it been in a short term situation?

What do you need to do to keep moving forward?

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