Conscious Language Workshop

Learn how to identify and gain the power to select new conscious choices using our language.

Our reality is created by our thoughts, words and emotions. Words have energies that impact us at many levels of our being.  What we believe in and verbalize with our emotions becomes true.  In this workshop, we will awaken our minds to the “limiting language of the EGO” which can block us from receiving our full grace and abundance.  Becoming conscious of the words we use allows us to learn how to focus on outcomes we desire to experience (make conscious choices).

  • Understanding conscious choices in our language
  • Experiencing open, honest, direct and heart activated communication
  • Identifying personal and limiting thoughts
  • Understanding our highest personal choice
  • Having tools and technologies to identify and transform our self-sabotage into success




“Dear Shervin, thank you for having the desire to teach LOM. I like your method of teaching, very well elaborated. Your examples and the emphasis you made during class helped me retain a lot of important information. The fact that words, thoughts, and feelings shape my current reality and those words actually influence my feelings and thoughts had an impact in the way I was brought up to believe as a child, young adult and adult life. To give myself permission or to empower myself was out of the question. Thanks to you Shervin for bringing LOM to my awareness, after taking your class I say, “I choose to empower myself with ease, I give myself permission to create and enjoy my happiness.” Blessings and Gratitude, Ely B. Marble Falls, Texas

“I left the class feeling motivated and empowered. I am now aware of the power of the thoughts I have, and the words I speak. I learned that by being conscious of the words I use every day, that I create and support my highest good. Shervin covered the Language of Mastery material in a way that I could understand, and made the learning fun. Thank you!” ~ Katie, Austin, TX

“The LOM workshop was instrumental in achieving a greater understanding of my language choices to create my hearts desire. Shervin shared his wisdom and knowledge of the LOM process and made it fun for all of us. As we elevate our consciousness, it is important to have the communication tools necessary to identify our personal & limiting thoughts in order to realize success. An amazing experience that I highly recommend for everyone to develop their own heart activated communication and receive full grace and abundance!” ~Kathy K, Giddings

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