Will You?

There are times that we travel through the dark night of our soul.  There are times that our life events feel upside down, unpredictable and overwhelming.

We may call upon on God, spiritual beings, higher self, friends, family or our spouse/mate for help.  Although the sources of help may be different for each of us, the request of the call is the same.

Have you called out to anyone? Why did you choose that person?

Will You?

Will you open your heart for me?

Will you accept me when I seemingly don’t have it all together?

Will you hold me while I feel my sadness?

Will you hold me to feel protected from the chaos around me?

Will you love me even if I appear unreasonable?

Will you make a quiet time to be with me?

Will you allow me to lean on you while I regain my strength?

Will you …..?

Copyright @ 2013 by Shervin Hojat

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