One of our greatest needs is to be loved by being heard.  With the short attention span and addiction to constant visual and auditory intake, it may be a challenge for many of us to really listen to what our children, spouse, family or friends are saying.

I was at Stanford hospital recently helping my mom go through a needle biopsy.  In the recovery room, there were computer screens with writings emphasizing the importance of listening to the patient.  The Chinese verb for listen was used to make the point.

In Chinese, the verb listen consists of the words “you”, “heart”, “eye”, “ear”, and “undivided attention”.  Listening is seen as an intention to remove all distractions, opening our heart (empathy), observing body language and using our ears to take the sound in.

Take an inventory of those people who you listen to.  Are you listening based on the Chinese definition?  If yes, congratulations!  Otherwise, be aware and implement all the components required for true listening.  Remember – everyone has a desire to be truly heard.

Listen to Me

Hear me, my dear.

Open your heart to feel my words.

Have empathy and patience for what I am sharing with you.

Hear me not only with your ears
but also with your eyes and heart!

Observe my facial expressions as I speak.

They have a story that mere words may not convey.

Observe me with your attention, as if we have just met for the first time.

Let go of making listening time
between TV commercials and text messages.

Hear and listen to me
with your mind, heart, ears and eyes.

Copyright @ 2013 by Shervin Hojat


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