Size Matters!

What are the sources of your joy? Your agitation? Are they small or large in size?

Small joys in life accumulate together to make one’s life alive and thriving.  We sometimes ignore small sources of joy and turn our attention to small frustrations and make them big deal.   Many times we do not feel and express our joy until a big task is accomplished (graduating, retiring, and getting married).  We also may become agitated with small things, that in the big picture are very trivial (careless drivers, burned toast, etc).

Pay attention to how easily we allow agitation into our life and how rigidly we allow receiving small joys in our life.  Question your beliefs about receiving and self worth.

Size Matters

Do you believe that size does not matter?

If you believe that it does not matter
think again!

What are the biggest sources of agitation and joy in your life?

Are they small or large in size?

A small pebble may agitate you to no end.

A small and sweet thank-you may change your mood.

A loud noise may not agitate you
as much as a cricket may.

A small amount of excitement from your pet
may bring you joy.

A back ache may not agitate you as much as
an itch on your back that you cannot reach to scratch.

A large cut may not be as painful as a tiny paper cut.

What are your sources of agitation?
Small or large things?

What are the sources of your joy?
Large or small things?

How much energy do you invest in them?

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  1. Bimalyadav says:

    I am soooo inspired reidang these stories. Jena I love your singing through the rapids and Heidi your singing to work-I love that song too and if I were in the car alone I would join you : O . Dana my future daughter in law and I went to the hockey game last Thursday. We ate pretzels and drank beer and had a blast! Kim my son had a blankie too. I know what you mean. Mary I have thought of you soooo often and wonder how it is all working out. Thank you for finding your way to my blog. It means a lot that you love it. Ruth I have been taking pictures of trees and thinking of you.Reading all of these makes me love my life over and over and over…it is contagious!!!

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