Who Is Your Hero?

Most of today’s heroes are created by media. They are created by them and often brought down by them.

Do you have a hero? Do you know your hero well? Have you ever spent any time with your hero? Have you seen him/her in difficult situations?

No human hero is perfect. We appreciate our heroes because we want to have their strength and attributes. Public heroes are typically sport figures, billionaires, soldiers, fire fighters, freedom fighters, advocate for poor, etc. There are also many heroes that are not well known.

Heroes inspire us and are often the driving force for us to become more like them.

One of my heroes has been my aunt, Aghdas, who still is a great inspiration for me even though she passed away many years ago. My aunt was a very kind, intelligent, talented and loving human being. Despite many difficult tragedies in her life, her spirit did not die. I remember many times we were driving down the highway and she always pointed the beautiful flowers on the side of the road. My reaction was always with surprise. How can a person in such a situation notice all these beauty? That stuck with me.

My aunt, lives in me. My hero constantly reminds me that no matter how difficult my life is, I need to regularly make an effort to notice the beauty around me.

Who is your hero? Write about your hero.

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