Moment Of Truth!

Are you honest with yourself? Are you blaming others for most of your challenges in your life?

This discussion is about acknowledging our role in our lives and empowering ourselves to change what we desire to improve. If we blame others for things in our lives then we will always be a victim and most likely nothing will change.

How other people treat us is how subconsciously treat ourselves. It is important to observe how we treat ourselves verbally, physically and emotionally.

Next time that you are upset about somebody doing something unforgivable to you, ask yourself if at some level you are doing the same to yourself.

Looking into the Mirror

You are upset that people are mean to you
yet you are the meanest of all to yourself.

You expect that people appreciate your gifts
yet you do not allow your gifts to flourish.

You expect people support and encourage you
yet you stop supporting yourself when facing obstacles.

You want people to accept who you are
yet you do not accept yourself!

You desire to be free
yet you are not letting go of past.

You want people to love you
yet you do not really love yourself through your actions and self-talk.

You want people to respect you
yet you do not respect your own feelings.

You want to be unique
yet you compare yourself with others constantly.

You want people to be fair toward you
yet you are unfair to yourself
by amplifying other people’s accomplishments
and diminishing your own.

You want to be yourself
yet you are trying to think and talk like others!

You are afraid of people abandoning you
yet you abandon yourself often.

You hate unloving acts in the world
yet, in your head, you are sometimes the most unloving toward yourself.

You hate people who abuse children
yet you verbally and physically abuse your inner child.

You want to be independent
yet outside events constantly control your mood.

You want all the good things that other people have
yet you do not want to be them!

You believe others should not suffer
yet you cause suffering on yourself.

Do you realize the never ending trap of your mind?

The problem is not out there!

The solution is not out there either!

Observe how you treat yourself.

Be loving toward yourself
no matter what the consequences!

Copyright @ 2015 by Shervin Hojat

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