Symphony of My Heart is Available on Amazon

I am very excited to announce availability my latest book,Symphony of My Heart, on Amazon.

Book Description

We seek to experience the divine through our relationships. Our longing to experience the divine starts in childhood through our parents and extends to others as an adult. Through trials and tribulations in our relationships we learn and understand what is important and what brings us ultimate joy.

These poems are meant to connect with you and validate your feelings: the times that you felt excitement, anticipation, longing, bliss, the feeling of a magical dream come true, disappointment of separation and loss, doubt, emptiness, and anger. Each emotion transforms you and points to what you truly seek and desire.

Read when you are in a high or low mood; in pain or joyous. Symphony of My Heart will ignite the hearts of all readers.


Please order a Kindle copy or paper back and enjoy reading the book.




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