Prayer and Connection

Couple of days ago, I was reminded that we have free will. That means if we need help, spirit and guides will not interfere until we ask for help first.

That drew me to re-visit and investigate how to connect, communicate and pray effectively.

I found out that you need to be in a state of gratitude (by remembering blessings that you may take for granted) and express what you desire with humility.

This is different than other form of prayers when we are sad, desperate and beg from the spirits or God.

I also realized many of us communicate (with spirit or subconscious) in an undesirable way. We get irritated and we repeat how bad things are. At the best it is a form of venting about problems and not stating what we desire instead. Also, this form of venting lowers our vibration and puts our focus on what we do not want or do not have.

I have found out when I communicate in state of gratitude and humility, I am calmer, more relaxed and things go with ease during the day.

I like to share a prayer that I recite before I go to work. I have several prayers for different aspects of my life.

“Hi Angels, I request the most benevolent outcome at my work today. I like to experience ease, synchronicity, abundance, insight, appreciation, joy and cooperation. This or something better for my highest good. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you”

Do you communicate with the spirit or your guides?

What form of communication brings you the most joy and feeling of connection?

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