What We Fear The Most

You may have a great fear that drives you to do things, be it fear of being alone, not being useful, being helpless, being dependent or being vulnerable.  What we fear the most, if not faced and made peace with, will get us when we are tired, weak, or off guard.

It is important to deal with our fears consciously and systematically. Avoiding our fears or resisting what they may be teaching us will only create more suffering and trauma in our life.  What is your greatest fear?

Below is a true story of an individual with a lifelong fear of being idle and worse, dependent on others.



The lioness ran all over the garden.

The lioness could not stay idle or be still.

The lioness was independent and
feared being stuck in a place, alone.

Then a tumor showed up on her leg.

The lioness roared, “This is not important
it will get better soon!”

After the radiation and surgery
the lioness was jumping and moving fast.

The lioness roared, “Nothing is wrong with me!”

The lioness,
playing with her leg, caused the infection.

She now was moving
but slowly.

Now the lioness was under watch for her own protection.

The lioness kept roaring that she is OK.

Another infection and she now was in bed
her paws tied up and not understanding why.

The lioness could no longer even scratch her face.

She was angry, fearful and confused.

The lioness can no longer walk.

The lioness has to face and accept
what she feared the most
for the greatest part of her life.

The lioness was alone, chained to a bed.
crying for help.

Let go of resistance said a voice.

Accept what is and
suffering will end!

And so the healing continues …

Copyright @2013 by Shervin Hojat

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  1. Minda says:

    Great delivery. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the
    good spirit.

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