Daring to be Yourself!

Are you yourself? What happens if you decide to change and become your true self who feels free of “I should” and “I must” and thus is happier?

Becoming who you really are, expressing your heart’s desire and standing out in a crowd is an on-going challenge for most of us. The challenge is that we have had many years of fighting for our true self, as a child and teen-ager, and for the most part we have concluded that it is not worth the pain and suffering to continue the fight. At an early age, if you were acting different than others, you may have been corrected by family and friends to meet their standards/beliefs.

As an adult, it is difficult to change our “identity” because we need to be ok with re-experiencing what we encountered as a child. To change, we should be ok with criticism, disapproval, uncertainty, and being vulnerable how family and friends may treat us. The good news is if we decide to become more of our true self, there are always people who will support and encourage us. The old friends may all disappear and new friends may show up. The Universe will always provide us support in the direction of our soul evolution, we just need to be open in receiving and trusting the process.


Dare to be You!

If you are yourself
you are a rebel!

Rebels are to be crushed and denied!

Young rebels are to be molded!

It starts early as a child.

You cannot experience your true self!

You cannot go outside and hear the birds!
“not now” my dear.

You cannot laugh and play!
It is not the time for it.

You cannot play in the mud!
You get too dirty.

You cannot wear clothing you like to wear.
You embarrass us.

You cannot eat your lunch when hungry.
It is not time for it.

You are not allowed to lay in bed.
It is not bed time.

You are not allowed laugh out loud.
You may disturb others.

You are not allowed to be curious.
You may break things.

You are not to tell the truth!
You may offend others.

You are not to study what you love.
You will not make enough money.

You are not allowed to pay attention to singing birds.
It is time to study.

You are not allowed to be you!
You need to be “proper”
The reserved you,
The predictable you
The manageable you.

Copyright @2014 by Shervin Hojat

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    Tha’ts the best answer of all time! JMHO

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