Feeding Your Energetic Body

There are times that we do not know that we were tense until we are relaxed. Why is that? Our body gets used to our current state no matter how stressful a situation may be.

If we have a lot of negative self-talk, even though we may know that it is not good for us, we may get used to that as well. Of course this can have side effects such as depression, mood swings and no desire to do anything.

You can wait until the symptoms show up in your body before taking action, or a couple times a day take inventory of some of your thought patterns. Ask yourself, if those thoughts were repeated to a friend, would they uplift your friend or not.


You are a nurturer and feeder.

You feed your energetic body regularly by your thoughts and actions.

What exactly do you feed your energetic body with?

Fear, love, despair, joy or hope?

Take a minute and review what kinds of thoughts you have had already.

How often are you in a positive state of mind?

How often do you feed your fear?

How often do you feed your hope?

Your thoughts feed your emotions!

How often do you nurture the love for yourself and others?

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