What To Give?

What you give and reasons for giving are very important.

In a previous blog, I discussed expectations associated with giving.

Today, I address issue of what to give.

Consider two scenarios:

  • You give away what you do not need or care for.
  • You give away and share what you care for and appreciate.

Which one of those situations is derived from more love and will bring you more joy and satisfaction?

Look at examples in nature. Animals and plants out of love give away the best of what they have.

Giving always impacts the receiver. Giving is much more meaningful if it also impacts the giver.

Our relationship with what we give is very important.

We need to give away and share what we appreciate and love the most.

  • If time is important to you, volunteer your time.
  • If money is important to you, give your money.
  • If being heard is important, give your time by listening to someone.
  • If being right is important to you, acknowledge someone for being right.
  • If homemade meal is important to you, make a homemade meal for someone.
  • If being at peace is important to you, be peaceful toward someone.
  • If feeling loved is important to you, give love to someone.


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