What If You Are Dreaming?

Have you been in a dream and all of sudden you realize that you are dreaming? Then you go along with the dream even though the cautious and scared part of you is very uncomfortable.

You may do many things in the dream that may be appear irresponsible or dangerous in your awake life. You do it because you know it is a dream and you are safe.

Through trial, tribulations and insights you may also come to a point that you see your “awake” life as a dream. Like a dream, you may do things that may¬†appear you do not care about anything.

It is not that you do not care, you are lovingly unattached. You know all the drama in front of you is just a play in a dream. You wisely preserve you energy and not waste it on worry and being fearful.

When you realize that your awake life is just a dream then you can be playful and calm. You can choose where to put your energy into.

What are some factors helping you reach such a realization and insight?

Some factors are: ability to let go of ego, humility and awareness. One of the most important factor is the belief that ‘everything is OK now’ and ‘you are taken care of’.

How would live your life differently if you knew it is just a dream?

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