What are you holding on?

When we hold to an emotion by avoiding fully feeling it and do not process it, we lose clarity of our heart, mind and action.

You may have seen someone that was hurt by unfairness and they themselves are acting unfairly to others.

You may have seen someone who hates being judged and themselves are very judging of others.

You may have seen someone complain about bad drivers and themselves show the same behavior.

You may have had a bad day (someone was very rude to you) and then you yell at your loved one at home for any simple excuse.

What can be one reason?

When we do not resolve our hurt of unfairness, judgement or rudeness, etc. we suppress it into pain or anger or fear. Then from point of those emotions we justify the same behavior that we terribly disliked. It is avoidance of facing the original hurt and instead focusing on others to numb our own unresolved hurt. Sometimes we may even turn the anger toward ourselves internally.

To minimize suffering and confusion, is important to observe our actions and honestly question our motivations and emotions regarding our actions and reactions.

Is our actions based fear, anger, pain or love?

Are we willing to face our repressed emotions?

Are we willing to be honest with ourselves and others?

Remember, whatever we repress we get to keep as our master.

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat


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