Day that Everything Will be OK

How would you feel if you knew everything in your life will be OK, no matter what is happening?

What would you do differently if you knew that?

Would you be calmer? Smile more? Be more truthful? Have more courage?

How a belief and knowing can be so powerful that can change our reaction and how we may live?

You may say, come on.” Nobody knows if that is the case. I do not like to accept possible pain and suffering because of belief that may be good for me later.”

Fair enough.  How much pain and suffering do you currently experience by worrying and judging events as bad and threatening? Are you aware of how much energy you spend on that daily?

Let us talk this concept into reality and experience.

Pick a day and on that day pretend everything happening is for your own good and is OK. This includes, the loud dog barks early in the morning, slow drivers and angry co-worker, etc. Just observe and be present without judging.

Take inventory of your mood, ease and stress experienced that day and compare it with another comparable day.

What are your findings? Please share.

Copyright @2018 by Shervin Hojat


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