Unfortunate Events

Have you ever received a phone call and the person on the other end was so upset it seemed as though something terribly unfortunate had happened? And, after talking and discussing the events/issues, the one who called realized it really was not as bad as he/she thought?

Our ego has a protection mechanism based on fear, mainly the fear of survival.  Ego tells us if such and such happens, it will be the end of us!  In most cases, the situation may be emotionally intense and difficult to experience.  Our ego does not understand how resilient we are. In many cases, the depth of intense emotion, combined with the loss of something dear helps us grow spiritually; something that is not within the comprehension of our ego.

What do you consider a really unfortunate event?  An unfortunate event is when we lose and compromise our soul. The loss of our soul is the ultimate tragedy for which we need to be vigilant and protective.  Any other event is manageable since we have our driving source (soul) within us alive and active.

Unfortunate Events 

What is the most unfortunate event/tragedy you can imagine?

Your favorite sport team’s loss?

Dead end career?

Gloomy retirement?

Big tax bill?

Losing a job?

Losing a lover?

Losing someone?

Loss of a limb?


What is the biggest tragedy that will
impact your essence?

The biggest tragedy is to lose our soul’s voice and connection to all that is.

Think about your most unfortunate event as if it has already happened.

Did it cause a loss of your soul?

Did you lose your voice, joy and heart connection?

Be vigilant against big and little events
where your soul’s essence may be compromised.

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