Healing Crises

When we experience a feeling (pain, not being loved, not wanted…) and we feel threatened by our feelings we may repress them.

As we heal ourselves emotionally and spiritually, those repressed feelings (memories) will naturally surface to be healed.  These repressed and typically unwanted feelings are available to us to be felt in our body and to be acknowledged with enthusiasm (no resistance) which then transmutes into healing energy and love.

We may experience “negative” feelings and symptoms when we are detoxifying our body.  It is important to be aware of where we are in our healing (physically, emotionally) process.  Sometimes the return of “old” symptoms may be an indication of our healing and needs to be celebrated instead of resisted.

Healing Crises

She said with sorrow and tears:

“I want to die.”

“I have no reason to live.”

“I have failed in everything I have done.”

“What is the meaning of my life?”

He replied:

“Life is what you make of it.”

“Nobody can tell you what your life should mean.”

“Have you felt like this before?”

She replied:

“I hate feeling so empty. I feel pain all over my body.”

After a long delay and soul searching she replied:.

“Yes. As a child.”

He replied:

“Perhaps you are healing what you could not face as a child.”

“You are not getting worse. You are getting better!”

“Be OK with what you are experiencing. Welcome it!”

“Your healing is an indication of love returning.”

She replied:

“Yes. Love!”

“That is what I forgot about!”

“The person that I loved the most hurt me the most.”

“I have equated love with hurt.”

“I avoided feeling hurt and hence I avoided love!”

“Ahah! I get it now.”

Copyright @ 2012 by Shervin Hojat

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3 Responses to Healing Crises

  1. Sativa Esper says:

    Hi Shervin! Thank you for posting this message and poem in your blog. I can relate, especially now, since I seem to be “welcoming” a healing crisis of my own at this moment. I will definitely keep your words in mind as I navigate this part of my journey.
    Blessings and peace,

  2. Jayem says:

    “ப ர ணன த தனக க ள த க க வ த த க க ள ளத த ர ந தவர ல ய , உபர ய னப ப ர ணன மற றவர க க த தனத க கள ன ம லம கக க ட க க ம ட ய ம . “is it possible for me to learn this msetar?if so please explain msetar?

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