For The First Time

I participated in a Family Constellation session based on a method pioneered by Bert Hellinger ( After a short relaxation and creation of individual intentions, the session started.  The facilitator, Phyllis Lejeune, was a gentle soul and created a safe environment to tap deeply into everyone’s emotional body.  In a typical constellation, a person who is the most emotionally compelled is invited to select representatives from the group to represent their family members.

As we discussed what was going on for everyone, I felt sadness in my heart related to my family and asked for the creation of a constellation.  People in the group started representing my family and everyone shared their feelings and insights.  By allowing myself to be open and having a desire to feel my inner child grief, with help of the group I was able to transform my unconscious grief into joy.  I highly recommend trying Family Constellation as a means of getting in touch with your hidden emotions, understanding your feelings and ultimately bringing joy to your inner child.

Please contact Phyllis Lejeune ( who lives in Austin, Texas, if you desire to participate in a Constellation session.

For the First Time

For the first time in my memory
Mom and Dad were talking with each other calmly
without yelling, insulting or blaming each other.

The child in me was shocked with disbelief.

For the first time in my memory
Mom and Dad took responsibility for their actions.

The child in me was amazed and crying out in joy.

For the first time in my memory

I did not need to intervene or feel responsible for their

The child in me was calm and peaceful.

I realized how much emotional pain their arguments
burdened my child within.

The child in me could just observe and be.

The child in me was no longer responsible
for the unhappiness of my parents.

The child in me is smiling
with expansive joy and gratitude.

Copyright @ 2012 by Shervin Hojat

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