The Trouble With I Don’t Know!

I have misplaced my car keys many times. You most likely have done the same. I have realized when I say “I do not know where my keys are” almost all the times, someone else has to help me to find them or it takes me a long time to locate my car keys. However, if I just simply say, “I wonder where my keys are?” within seconds my attention goes to the location of my car keys. Have you ever wondered why?

“I do not know” is a phrase many of us use often. What message are you conveying to yourself and others? If you are a guru, perhaps it is a sign of humility. For 99% of us it is most likely a self-sabotage expression.

Let’s look at how our subconscious works. Our subconscious takes our words literally. When you say I do not know, this is what it really dictates to your subconscious: “I do not want to know; I cannot know; stop searching for an answer; somebody else has to help me”.  Take your subconscious seriously. After all who drives you home safely when you are pre-occupied in your car and all of sudden you are home? There is lots of wisdom and intelligence available to you through your subconscious.

When we change our mental and emotional attitude by simply changing our words from unconscious (I do not know) to curiosity (I wonder, where is …) we all of sudden allow ourselves to receive information that already is available/known to us.

Do not believe what I am telling you as a fact. Experiment with it and internalize its truth. Replace “I do not know” with “I wonder”. Be a curious being and the answer is within your reach.

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