Idiot! You Did it Again.

As technology advances, we may be able to increase our self-awareness. Let me explain. Imagine in a decade scientist can download our self-talk to appliance like GPS in our car or our phone. Can you imagine what it might be like replacing the voice of a polite woman with a British accent with your voice and self-talk? How long will you keep the GPS on?


Imagine your psyche takes over your car’s GPS

What will a trip be like using your car’s GPS?

“What? You missed another turn again!”

“This is the fourth time in six months!”

“What is wrong with you?”

“What a loser!”

“Your dad was right about you!”

“Look at all the drivers who are not missing their turns.”

“You will never learn.”

“Your brother was right.”

“Can you follow an instruction for a minute?”

“Next time catch a bus, if you can find a bus stop, idiot!”

Would you allow a GPS to talk to you like this for missing a turn?

I hope not!

Why do you accept this kind of talk to yourself daily?

Copyright @2014 by Shervin Hojat

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