Facing Our Fear

Does growth and self-realization require that we transcend our life’s conditioning and fears?  We naturally do not want to deal with seeming unpleasant feelings such as fear of abandonment and emptiness. Yet, somehow, we face our fears and insecurities, willingly or unwillingly, throughout our lives.

My experience is that events (call it unlucky, subconscious, etc.) create situations such that our attachments to what defines us are cut or severely threatened. These events give us an opportunity to make the transition past our fears and insecurities easier. For many people, difficult situations in their lives have made them more aware and stronger as an individual. How about you?

If you are dealing with a challenging situation, do not consider it as a terrible event. Look for the opportunities that may arise which may take you toward what you deeply desire. For example, the loss of an unfulfilling job can be a difficult event and yet it may direct you to focus on what you really desire. After all, the Universe is conspiring to give you what you want.  What are the opportunities ahead of you as a result of your current challenge?

Welcome Home

Get naked with yourself

Let go of protective clothing and masks

See yourself without the masks and the shields

Face the truth!

Not the truth of what you think

The truth of what is

Be prepared to allow your old self to die!

Be prepared to erase the memories of your past identities

Face your biggest fears

Eye to eye

Nose to nose

Shoulder to shoulder

Stay with it

Do not blink!

Fear suddenly dissolves

It vacates its spot in your psyche

You will feel its emptiness

You have lost an old companion!

Know that there is a great prize awaiting you

You can feel and smell it

Tremble in emptiness and nothingness for a while

Stay with it

Do not look back

You are almost at the gates of the open door

You are becoming excited

You are overcoming the fear of nothingness

You have not disappeared

You are still here!

The empty spot of fear is now filled with God’s love

You now remember

You are becoming alive!

Welcome home

Copyright @2014 by Shervin Hojat



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