Invisible Walls

We erect invisible walls defining who we are and how we should function within those walls.

How do we recognize such walls?

Those walls can be felt and sensed.

As we get close to those walls in boundaries of our lives, at first, we have feeling of contraction and fear.

Observe your feelings when you feel fear and are very uncomfortable in an aspects of your life. You are at the edge of such wall.

The wall is our safe identity and comfort even though it confines us.

In some areas of our lives, the wall may be several yards away and we may feel more sense of freedom, expansion and joy.

Through awareness, hard work, humility, non-attachment and divine intervention we push these walls farther away.

We may measure our success in life in how large of an area we are walled in compared to others.

We are still walled in.

What would our lives be like if those walls did not have any impact on behavior at all?

Copyright @2019 by Shervin Hojat

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