Song Bird

Our traumas can have a lasting effect on us.  We may avoid situations that remind us of an event since the “pain” of remembering (feeling) at one time was too much to bear and we still think it is the case.

It is understandable as a child, that experiencing traumas, we may suppress feelings and the memories of such events to survive.  This survival mechanism needs to be dealt with so that we do not run away and react unconsciously to events over and over when there is no danger present.  If we do not heal our past traumas, we will not be whole, and we may not experience that part of us who is joyful and vibrant.  This story of a song bird that faced many traumas may resonate with you.


Song Bird

The song bird was happy, courageous and strong.

The song bird flew everywhere singing his song.

One day a wild cat attacked the bird.

The trauma of the attack drew the bird to a safe tree where
cats could not go.

One day, one of the trees cracked and made a tremendous noise.

The song bird became more frightened and looked for a more secure place.

He settled on a tall, remote tree.

The song’s bird’s songs were not as vibrant
but he felt safe.

One day lightning struck the tall tree.

The song bird looked for more safety.

The song bird found an empty cage in a house of a nearby town.

He settled in the cage.

He felt safe in the cage
protected by his master
promising him security from animals and lightning.

The song bird lived many years safely in the cage.

He never again sang the vibrant songs he used to sing.

Copyright @ 2012 by Shervin Hojat

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