Volcano Within Me!

You are constantly defining and re-evaluating who you really are.  You may have followed all the rules to success, got an education, got a job, got married and had children and still feel the emptiness within yourself.

You may feel that you are more than what you portray yourself as to the outside world. You may be frustrated at yourself for compromising your soul’s desires to just get along with people, be silent, and “not rock the boat”.

It is important to connect and listen to your soul and heart to receive guidance. Take time, meditate, feel and listen to your soul’s desire which is a constant reminder to what you are set to be and experience in this life time.

Volcano Within Me!

The container defining “who I am“ is full!

Time to get out of this tight and restrictive place!

I am more than what I can fit
in this container.

Enough of playing it safe and
following someone else’s rules.

There is a volcano within me
wanting to be heard and seen.

There is a volcano within me
wanting to reshape my world.

There is a volcano within me
wanting to break the artificial barriers
of the past.

There is a volcano within me
yearning to soar the skies and move freely.

Release the volcano’s top
and let the lava flow freely.

Melt! Melt!
my old container.

 Copyright @ 2012 by Shervin Hojat

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