Share Your Smile!

The best things are the simplest ones. This includes how we interact with the world.

We think we have to donate thousands of dollars to a cause or buy an expensive gift in order to have a significant impact. That is not true. Such thoughts are sabotaging our efforts to do something significant daily.

Smiles are our biggest assets. We usually do not share our smiles freely with people except sometimes with little children.

I remember times when I have been sad or even depressed and a stranger smiled at me as he/she passed by. That simple act was very significant to me in that moment such that I still remember those simple acts, while I may not remember expensive present friends or family may have bought me in the past.

A smile is a form of unconditional love. It says no matter what you are going through, things will get better. It also says I see you and you are not alone.

Do an experiment.  Next time when you go to a grocery store intentionally smile at people!!! Many people may not even notice your smile or even turn their faces away. It will worth it when you smile at a stranger who needed it and he/she will remember your smile for a long time.

Share your love through a smile. It is simple and yet it is significant.

Copyright @2017 by Shervin Hojat

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