Open Your Heart!

We have many energy blockages as the result of our unresolved emotions.  The blockages do not allow us to have our heart open completely and experience life fully.

Let say if someone was mean to you and you did not let go of feeling of hurt right away. You kept thinking how dare he could be so mean or insensitive? You are consumed by your thoughts and you are holding on the energy of hurt and resentment and hence created a blockage. You walk outside, you do not notice the beautiful flowers, the smile of strangers because you have closed your heart due to that blockage.

Let us assume we create more blockages as time goes by. All of sudden you notice that you do not enjoy simple things like the flowers or the ocean or the tress. You do not have time for them or do not feel like it. You wonder why others get so excited about flowers, trees and ocean. Others see and smell the same thing you see and smell, but they most likely have less blocked energy than you.

How do you unblock the energies you have accumulated?

  • You have to become aware of change in your energy when something is triggered. Someone may say something that remind you of the first time you felt hurt. You need to distinguish if feeling of hurt is from that person in present or a memory of blocked hurt.
  • As soon as you identified the blockage, remember that you are not the hurt. You are only experiencing feeling of hurt. Let the feeling of hurt or sadness flow through your body and acknowledge releasing it.

As you become more aware of your triggered emotions, you can release them with more ease and hence open up your heart for more of life experiences.

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