Life Is Not Fair!

For whatever reason at times life does not seem to be nice or fair to us. How do we deal with such unfairness?

As much as cliché that it may sound we have choices how to respond.

For example, if I lose my job. Even though the loss was not my choice, how I respond is my choice.

What are my choices?

– I can choose to be sad.
– I can choose to be bitter.
– I can choose to be scared.
– I can choose to blame.
– I can choose to give up on life.
– I can choose to take it easy for a while.
– I can choose to aggressively look for a job.
– I can choose to see it as a blessing in getting a more fulfilling job.
– And many other choices

Out of the above choices what choice would you make?

I do not think there is one choice that solves the issue. You may make many choices over time as appropriate.

No matter what you decide to choose, ask yourself the following questions:

– Will your choice today make you happy or content tomorrow?
– Is the choice the best you can do today?

No matter what you choose, if that is the best you can do today, you will feel happy and fulfilled today and even tomorrow.

Have faith that the best is still ahead of you, do not give up and do your best today.

Copyright @2017 by Shervin Hojat

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