Searching For Love

“Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek & find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  ~Rumi

What are the barriers that Rumi is referring to?

Can it be our limiting beliefs, expectations, past hurts and our arrogance?

Love like Sun does not go away. It is always there. If we do not see or feel it then is due to some barrier rather than its absence.

Personally, I have experienced love when I have let go of expectation of how and from whom it should come from (form of arrogance on my part).

If you feel you do not have enough love in your life, what should happen so that you receive more love?

Maybe your answer is:

  • When I am a better person
  • When I have more money
  • When I lose weight
  • When my children are happier
  • When 1000 people tell me I am lovable
  • When I am healthier
  • When I publish my book
  • When I find my soul mate
  • When he/she apologizes

All the answers above, in my opinion, are the barriers to receiving love.

If love knocked on our door today, since our conditions are not met we will recognize and reject that which crave the most for.

Drop the expectation, requirements and conditions which are like a shield and barrier.  Open your heart, go in the world and you will feel the warmth that is seeking you.

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