Scare City

What would it be like if you had a recorder and would have recorded all the thoughts you had about your life for day or two? Would you want to play those recordings to a child? To a plant? To your pet?

For the majority of us I hope the answer is no! Do we realize what we put in our subconscious? Do you ever wonder why we become depressed and nothing is enjoyable? Where is your focus on? It is surprising what we repeat and say to ourselves knowing the impact on quality of our lives.

Scare City

There is scarcity everywhere!

When you wake up is there.

I did not get enough sleep.

I do not have time to meditate.

I do not have time to eat well.

I do not have time to give a hug.

I do not have time to notice the birds on the way to work.

When at work the same there!

There are not enough resources.

There is not enough time to do it right.

There are not enough hours in the day!

When you go home the same is there!

There is not enough time to relax.

There is not enough love in the house.

There is not enough time to exercise.

There is not enough time to take a deep breath.

What are you doing to thrive in the scare city?

Gratitude! Gratitude!

Yes you know it. Internalize it!

Leave the scarcity!

Express gratitude when you wake up.

Express gratitude when at work.

Express gratitude when at home again.

Copyright @2014 by Shervin Hojat

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  1. Kenisha says:

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