Who are your masters? How many invisible leashes (cords) do you have?

Each invisible leash is representative of our priorities and loyalties. Loyalties are great as long as we choose them consciously and are aware of their impact on us. If you have more than one master, those masters may not agree with each other and will take you in many directions, resulting in unhappiness and confusion.

We adopt all kind of leashes, typically in the form of belief systems, which in most cases may not be beneficial to us as an adult, since we chose them at an early age when we were not fully emotionally developed. These leashes are like a leak in a balloon that takes us away from the direction of self-acceptance and self-love, which are the foundation of accepting and loving others.

Can you name the leashes that may be attached to you?


Where is your loyalty?

Who are you loyal to?

Have you deeply pondered this?

You may be loyal to family, community, work, church, country, ethnic group or a certain ideology.

Are you loyal to your highest good?

Do you act based out of self-love?

Are you loyal to your health, spirituality, truth and your “Self”?

What do you do when your basic loyalties conflict with your other loyalties?

Where do you draw the line?

What criteria do you use? Love or fear?

Do you recognize the situation or do you get confused?

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