Our Choices

Do you believe in astrology? Numerology? I do! Why? I have seen some information about me that has been very accurate. Does it mean that we are predestined for fixed events and do not have free will?

We all have free will. Perhaps we have signed up to experience certain things (being not wanted, ridiculed, emotional abuse, etc.) and experience events in our family and society. It is plausible that our birthdate or name creates some energy to support what we are supposed to experience.

Even the luckiest people, people who win the lottery, have to make choices. Their choices decide if they will continue to be lucky or not. How many stories have you heard about lucky lottery winners who did not end up with good endings? What they did with their initial luck was based on their consequent choices.

You probably have heard stories about “unlucky” people who turned their situations into lucky situations. This had to be about free will, attitude and their choices. Many unlucky people have stayed unlucky because the initial unlucky event defeated them, and they believed that they had no choice!

The truth is that, today when you get up, no matter how rich or poor you are you can make a choice to be happy or sad, grateful or ungrateful, productive or unproductive. What have you decided today?



You are on the Universal grid.

Every thought and action matters!

You have infinite opportunities.
They are yours to choose!

Where you are today is based on past actions and behaviors
some even from your ancestors!

How you impact the grid today is up to you.

You can exercise to get in shape.

You can tell someone “I love you” and change their life.

You can share your life story with a friend or many friends.

You can smile, laugh or cry.

You can be hopeful or hopeless.

Every action and thought moves you into a different grid from where you are.

This movement continues until you die!

No more opportunities after that!

What remains are what stories you have left behind.

Did the events in your life define you or
did you make courageous and loving choices despite them?

Copyright @2014 by Shervin Hojat

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  1. Sheryl says:

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