Personal Resurrection

I was in a group meditation couple of days ago. People were discussing meaning of Easter at a personal level.

When I was younger, I thought we just die once. Overt time, I have realized that is not true!

Many times, I have thought that I was dying (emotionally and physically) due to some challenges I had faced. When beliefs about our identity is challenged, we may feel that we are dying mainly by avoiding and judging certain unwanted feelings (fear, disappointment, shame, guilt). 

Some major sources of triggers of unwanted feelings are due to loss of job, breakup off of friendships, financial hardship, forced retirement, lack of mobility, loss of loved ones, etc. 

It is difficult to witness death of our ego and image of who we are (or should be). We have invested decades in building it up.  We may think it is impossible to survive death of our ego and who we think we are- that is very frightening at first. 

Most of us manage through our life challenges. Over our life time, we die to some aspects of ourselves.  We then have our own personal resurrection and miracle we can celebrate and cherish. We may become more alive as the result.

To me, one metaphor of Easter is dying to our fears, our limiting beliefs, and our ego and miraculously resurrecting to our new and truer Self. 

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