Lack of Trust

Imagine a toddler is being tossed up in the air by a parent. Typically, the toddler will laugh while being caught by the parent.

Why is the toddler laughing?

He/she is enjoying the experience while the toddler has complete trust in the parent.

As we grow older, the Universe acts as our parent. It tosses up in the air and tests our trust.

Our reactions depends on how much trust and faith we have in the Universe.

If we trust that we are taken care of, we may smile or at least are not be frightened of unknown (how safely and where we may land).

Having faith and trust in the Universe does not mean we abdicate our share of responsibilities. We do our best with focus and joy. We trust that the best outcome will happen and it will be in our best interest for our spiritual growth.

How do we build more trust in the Universe?

By welcoming the unknown with more joy and open heart.

Look at aspects of your life that you may be controlling or worried excessively. Most likely, at some level it is due to lack of trust.

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