Letting Go

You have heard the phrase, “Let it go and become free”.

You may ask, how can one let go of big hurts and disappointments?

It is not easy to let go of big issues and yet is doable.

It is like wanting to get in shape.

You do not start with running in a big marathon to get in shape. You start with small steps, like walking or biking every day first.

In letting go, you also start small. You make letting go of small things a practice and a habit.

 As your habit is stabilized and you realize value of letting go (even small things), you become your own advocate for letting go of big things that seem impossible to release.

What are some small steps you can take in letting go of?

  • Let go of anger about driver who cuts you off on the road. Focus on what is going well on the road instead.
  • Let go of disappointment about your mistakes and shortcomings. Focus on what things you have done right and not acknowledged.
  • Let go of memory of hard day at work. Take a warm shower, or walk in nature.

Letting go is similar to building muscle and strength.

Letting go requires practice and patience.

Letting go requires having compassion for yourself and others.

Letting go requires valuing your peace more than fighting to be right to satisfy your ego. 

What a small issue can you let go of now?

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