End Of Curiosity

When was the last time you were curious about your spouse, partner or friend? What makes one curious? If you think you know about something or someone, will you still be curious? If you know something will not change, will you be curious about that thing?

We lose our curiosity about ourselves, friends, spouse, and family when we think we “know” about them and believe they are not going to change. You will not look at a picture frame with curiosity because you know it will not change. You may be curious about your brand new car, every hour, to make sure nothing bad has happened to it (expect change)!

The fact is that we all change every day, even all our cells biologically change every couple of weeks. When was the last time you listened to your friend with awe and curiosity to find out what has changed in her or him? If you are not curious, you would not want to listen to a person since you have heard him/her before and you know what to expect!

If you are not curious you will not learn! Be it about yourself, spouse, friend, children, nature or God. What are you curious about in your daily life?


End of Curiosity

How often are you curious about your furniture or your picture frame in your living room?

Not often?

Why not?

You do not expect them to change and they may not matter to you anyway.

How often do you listen to a person you “know”?

You probably don’t!

If you “know” them then there is nothing new to learn about them.

Knowing is the end of your curiosity!

How often do you look into your spouse’s eyes?

How often do you listen carefully to a conversation?

How often do you look into a mirror with curiosity?

Curiosity ends when we assume.
Curiosity ends when we take people for granted.
Curiosity ends when we think we “know”.

Copyright @2014 by Shervin Hojat

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