Love Language

We all have a different impression of what love should look like and that definition evolves as we grow and learn from our experiences. Gary Chapman author of the Five Love Languages suggests that affirmations, quality time, gifts, service and physical touch are five ways we feel loved. It is also suggested each person has one primary and one secondary love language. Typically people give love the way they want to receive it.

There are many times that two people may not have the same primary or secondary love language. For example, one person may expect “gift giving” as primary sign of love, while the other may expect “quality time” as primary sign of love.

It is possible two people give love their own way and none of them feel loved enough and both become frustrated and disconnected.

What can be done to have a more fulfilling relationship?

  1. Find out your own love language
  2. Find out your partner’s love language
  3. Give love the way your partner expects
  4. Communicate often about each other’s needs and expectations


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