You are Not Flawed!!!

You thoughts and beliefs may be flawed, not you!!!

We, all as small children, accept certain thoughts and beliefs. For example, if we heard that our parents were fighting with each other and we head our names, we assumed that we have caused the fight and we were the source of disharmony. This may have caused us feel guilt or shame in us.

As children, out of love and purity of our hearts, we may have decided to fix the situation based on the false beliefs. We may have decided to obey our parents at any expense so there is no fight at home. We may have decided to punish ourselves for being bad or flawed by ignoring our needs.

After 40, 50 or 60 years we may still be repeating the same patterns and may be miserable. We may easily accept blame or ignore our needs.

When you find out what flawed beliefs you have accepted, and why, you will plant the seed of freedom in you. You can look at the flawed beliefs and observe how they have repeated themselves with various people in your life.

At one point you may even start having compassion and love for the child within you that out of goodness of his/her heart tried to solve a complex problem. And most importantly, after so many years realizing that you are not flawed just your beliefs are.

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