Why You Want a Long Life?

I have met young people who do not seem to care how long they may live.  I have met older people who are enthusiastic about life, even in their wheel chairs.  I know people whose total focus in their life is to prolong their life by eating nutritious food while their life passes them by.  I know people who have a very unhappy life and choose to prolong that lifestyle.

Do you want to live a long time?  Your answer can indicate how you look at your life.  Maybe you believe your old age will be sad and lonely. Maybe you have people who depend on you.  Maybe you have an image of happily ever after your retirement.  Maybe you feel you will have a thriving life.  Maybe the fear of death drives your desire to live a long time.  Maybe you do not like to think about death or the concept of dying.

What is your motivation to want a long life?


There are many people who desire to have a long life.

There are many people that would like to live a long life
but they do not like the aging process.

You may know people who are living unhappy lives
and they still want to live a long time.

You also may know people who believe they will go to heaven
and they still want to live a long life.

What are some factors that may drive people to desire a long life?

Perhaps it is the sense of survival in all of us.

Perhaps we are afraid of dying.

Perhaps we are hoping that later on we will become comfortable
with the idea of dying.

Perhaps we are afraid that there will not be an after life
despite what we profess verbally.

Perhaps we are afraid of the responsibilities of the after life
and afraid we may fail at it.

Perhaps we just want to grow to become
multi-dimensional and multi-emotional human beings.

What are the reasons that you may want a long life?

Is the reason based of a fear of the unknown
or potential joy and growth that living brings you?

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