When Love Knocks

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~ Rumi

What will you do if the love you desire knocks on your door today?

At first you may be very excited. Later on, you may reject the love and sabotage it.

How can that happen?

Your fears and doubts kick in:

  • You may feel that you are not worthy of love yet.
  • You may feel you do not have the right body size or enough money.
  • You may feel that you became lucky today; you may not stay lucky tomorrow.
  • You may feel some kinds of strings are attached.
  • You may feel the person deserves someone better.
  • They do not know your weakness and if they did they will not love you; so you may reject them first.
  • You have been hurt before.

This scenario is similar to going to a garden and questioning motivation of flowers or questioning your worthiness or state of mind prior to allowing yourself to enjoy color and smell of flowers.

The amount of love we can receive is proportional to our capacity for love. The more we have stories about ourselves or more conditions we put on the experience, the less capacity we have to experience love.

We delay experiencing love when we hold on to the expectation of shape and form of love that we should experience.

One can enjoy a beautiful flower in the garden at the moment, or can be sad about not having such a garden in their own house, or be sad on how soon those flowers will perish.

In my experience, fear, doubt, holding on to the past, and expectations are obstacles in receiving love.

What are your obstacles in receiving more love?


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