Our life is full of trauma!  Imagine an unborn child who takes the journey from the safety of mother’s womb to come into an unfamiliar world. Can you imagine how different those two worlds are?

We are born into the unknown when we are the most fragile physically and emotionally and survived the trauma. Our birth most likely will not be the last trauma that we will experience. We will face other unknowns at some time in our life. It is important to keep our perspective of a difficult situation, which may or may not be as difficult as when you were born into total unknown and complete vulnerability.

Our parents most likely welcomed us with open arms when we were born, and most likely will support us till they die. Conversely, the people who support us may not be our parents. We need to surround ourselves with people who are around us like our parents, to support and nurture us while we go through our “births”.

Birth Canal

The beats of sound

The darkness

In time the darkness and sounds become familiar

It becomes home!

After a while, home starts to become too small

It is time to move on

It is time to leave the comfort of “home”!

Ups and downs

Twists and turns

Forced into a bigger arena
unknown, unfamiliar, shocking

Strange and frightening sounds

Fear, skepticism, rejection, grief, self-pity
now rule the psyche

Nothing can be done but cry!
A cry of: what has been destroyed
A cry of: why me?
A cry of: why now?

Cries finally fade out
small eyes eventually open up

Will it be smiling faces welcoming
will it be angry and unsupportive faces?

Copyright @2014 by Shervin Hojat

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  1. Nathan says:

    Your cat may have gotten sick. You can take him to the vet to check that out. I’m sure he is a litlte shocked from being in the house for 4 dats. He probably wasn’t treated real well and is most likely very scared. give him a few weeks to recover from the stress.Again the vet is a good option to be sure nothing is seriously wrong.

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