What we verbally state can be our consciousness that is speaking. What we do as a habit or reaction is more of a reflection of our unconscious self. We may label people as double faced, saying one thing and doing another. In reality, their subconscious most likely has the upper hand if their verbal expression is honest.

Much internal pain and suffering arises when our emotional beliefs and what we verbalize or hear do not match. Most of our personal beliefs will unconsciously drive our actions.  What are the things that matter the most to you? What are your beliefs about them? What is your personal belief about truth?


Do you think that truth needs to be told?

Your reactive response may be yes!

Do you really believe it at emotional level and deeply?

Do you tell the truth to everyone and all the time?

You may decide to hide the truth because it may “hurt” others or think it may not make a difference.

How many times you have said you are fine while in reality you are not?

Where do you draw the line?

How do you feel if people hide the truth from you for your own protection, security and your “own” good?

What if part of you hides the truth from yourself for your “own” protection?

What is your truth?

Who and what is being protected?

Is truth really your ultimate desire?

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  1. Phuong says:

    Dear HBB Thank you for your input about Mr. Rob Ford from nowhere I can unrtdseand more about Ford’s case As for our HKCEO CY Leung I guess whoever pushed him up the throne will not accept the misjudgement (losing faces). So CY is quite safe no matter how much lower his popularity and he is not going to be dethroned that is/was the sadness for all HKSAR citizens Even the repeating 2003 JULY 1st some 500 thousand people came out marching NO change of CY s governance the same thing will not happen twice from the superior

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