Check In Your Luggage

Have you traveled by a car while resting your heavy luggage on your lap?

Have you gone hiking while carrying a heavy luggage?

Have you gone to a dinner with a friend while taking all your books with you in a big backpack?

Above scenarios do not sound fun and are stressful to your body.

You may laugh and say that most people do not do what I am mentioning.

I agree! It is easy to become aware of physical heavy load and not carry it with us everywhere.  

There are other loads that we carry around with us without being aware of them. They are emotional and psychological loads.

I can tell by my own experience; those loads are harder on my body than load of heavy books in a luggage!

What makes emotional and psychological load heavy?

Fear, regret, resentment, and judgement create a heavy load.

Most of us maybe carrying those heavy loads and are used to them.

You may ask, how do I know if I am carrying the load?

It is simple and requires paying attention.

Is your life often joyful without any reason?

Do you feel relaxed during day or waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Do you worry a lot?

Do you care more about happiness of others than your own?

Do you have chronic pain in your body?

Do you do things out of obligation (with resentment that may not be aware of) or try to do them with joy?

Pay attention to your breathing and body. If you feel tense you are carrying luggage and a load!!!

Does this luggage and load really belong to you? Does it serve you by owing and carrying it?

Do yourself a big favor.

 Leave the luggage behind as if you check in at an airport. It is free to check them in!

Become free like a bird and enjoy yourself for few hours or minutes. You will appreciate the difference.

After-all, the luggage may not be your luggage and you may decide not to re-claim it.

Or you decide you like to move around freely and you let go of content of those luggage.

Copyright @2019 by Shervin Hojat

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