Tomorrow’s Happiness

Everyone is chasing the illusive tomorrow’s happiness and they have a great plan for being happy in the future. The plan is something like this:

– When I finish my big project then I will be happy

– When my illness ends then I will be happy

– When this weekend comes then I will be happy

The ego mind has an elaborate mechanism to have you chase mirage of tomorrow’s happiness. This kind of conditional happiness, if ever arrives is very short lived.

Your project ends and you are thinking about the next project already before you have experience any happiness. If you are grateful, perhaps you had celebrated end of your project for three minutes!

Your illness ends and you think of what else may go wrong next or what activities you had missed already. You are not experiencing happiness!

Weekend comes and you try to make up for all the sadness during the week, but you are not able to. You are exhausted and by Sunday all you can do is to think about the dreaded Monday!

How to end the mirage of chasing for tomorrow’s happiness?

Happiness is either in this moment or does not exist. Tomorrow is like this present moment which also needs to be fully experienced.

We do not need to deserve happiness or work for happiness to experience happiness. Happiness is our natural state. When we release our beliefs and are connected to our inner Self, happiness is experienced without any effort.

We do not need to run toward mirage of tomorrow’s happiness; the happiness in in front of us and is available to be experienced without any conditions.

What are your beliefs about joy and happiness? Did you today count and felt your blessings?

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