To Judge or Not To Judge?

Have you heard people say “Do not judge”? What does it really mean? How can we not judge? Does “not judging” mean we do not think or have opinions?  I hope not!  We are supposed to use our brain.

We judge and distinguish all the time. We judge if it is safe to cross the street. We judge if a certain food is good for us or not. These types of judgments are positive forms of judgment.

If we judge something or someone and based on that we feel better or secure as the result that is form of negative judgment.

If we identify with what we think (hence we are our opinion), and that opinion makes us feel secure, then we are judging in the negative term.  The more we identify with our opinions, the more we will try to defend ourselves (hence our opinions). Increasing defense of our opinions results in greater disharmony within and with others.

Keep in mind that many judgments are self-judgments. When we judge someone, we are actually judging (separate) something within ourselves that we do not like. The key to peace of mind and soul is accepting what is within us. When we declare ownership of all the pieces within us we can transform them.


To Judge or Not To Judge?

Why is it we can harm others with no remorse?

Why is it we can ignore the plight of those whom we do not agree with?

Why is it we can label others or accuse them with ease?

Perhaps we do not feel connected with them.

Perhaps we feel we are separate from them.

Judgment for the sake of feeling secure creates separation.

Judgment for the sake of validating your worth is a path to nowhere!

Judgment of others is ultimately self-judgment!

Self-judgment is a way to discard parts of you
that you do not deem worthwhile or good.

Next time you judge or gossip about someone:
Ask yourself, “do I feel more secure about myself as a result?”
Ask yourself, “do I feel better about myself as a result?”

If yes,
this is negative judgment!

This is self -judgment!

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