Have you ever gone through a difficult situation such as losing a job?

If not, you are both fortunate and unfortunate.  Fortunate because it can be traumatic and you may not have been ready for it.  Unfortunate because you will feel some emotions that usually we do not like to feel. These emotions are like water that wash away dust from our soul and help us put in perspective what is important to us.


Wave after wave

Waves of panic
Waves of shock
Waves of disbelief

Waves of denial
Waves of shame
Waves of fear

Wave after wave

Waves churning deep within
Waves washing away a comfortable identity drawn in sand

Waves destroying all known structures
within and without

Wave after wave
bringing a storm of grief and tears

Waves that shift direction and content

Waves of hope emerge

Rainbows appear on the horizon

Maybe a new beginning is good!
Maybe a new identity is better!
Maybe …

Copyright @2013 by Shervin Hojat

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