Seemingly Calm

Do not judge a book by its cover.  We may meet someone who is very calm in appearance and think they have it all together.  In reality they may be acting calm (poker face) as a way to appear strong and in control.  Some people express emotions with ease.  Many people hold back their emotions to appear proper, in control, look strong or avoid ridicule by others.
The defensive facade of appearing strong and in control takes lots of energy.   Such exhaustive defense mechanisms can only be temporary and have many negative implications.  It is well known that holding our emotions in tight control and not expressing them cleanly can create emotional and physical injury to us.  Do we invest our energy to prop up a façade or do we invest our energy to heal ourselves emotionally and physically?  Do we recognize this defensive mechanism in ourselves and people close to us?
In the context of Tending to Your Garden Within, it is important to become aware of why we create “protective” walls in our garden within and then question if such walls still serve their purpose.  The poem below describes this protective mechanism further.
Seemingly Calm
Seemingly calm and put together.
Do not let words or façades fool you.
Look within.
Like a volcano ready to blow.
There are many heart felt wishes
waiting to be heard, acknowledged and healed.
There are many sorrows/hurts/injuries that are begging for resolution.
There is a gate keeper at the top
who has tight control.
His loud voice can be heard.
“Do not be foolish about
sharing your intimate desires out loud.
Do not become vulnerable.
Stay quiet and be strong!”
The body is trembling from the built up force of
the volcano within.
The heart is begging for relief.
A gentle voice is heard midst the mental turmoil.
“Follow your heart’s path.
Let the healing begin.
Listen to your heart’s song.”
The heart sings out louder and stronger than
 the gate keeper’s warnings.
The body feels a rejuvenating energy.
Trembling with joy and excitement,
 gasping for a new beginning.
Copyright @ 2011 by Shervin Hojat

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