Room For Rent

We all have tenants in our head, and thousands of tenants try to reside (or at least visit) in our head daily. This is true if you read, watch TV, listen to radio or talk with your friends or family. Are you aware of whom your tenants are?

You may not be aware of all your tenants who may compel you to react to events based on their presence. Just sit down and be quiet for couple of minutes. Can you hear them? What do they say? What do you feel? Do the tenants give you energy, courage, inspiration and vitality or sap your energy?

In the context of Tending to Your Garden within, it is important to be aware of our tenants and evaluate their benefits to us. We may choose to evict those who sap our energy and vitality and replace them with tenants who are a source of empowerment, joy and life.


Look around.

See the signs.

“Rooms for rent. All tenants welcomed.”

“No background check required.”

Another sign says.

“Live in my head rent free”

Unsuitable tenants create havoc

physically and emotionally.

The mean boss and his words

occupy a large room there.

The lover who shattered a heart

has a cozy room there.

The insecure child plays hide and seek in the rooms.

The angry adolescent smashes furniture in the basement.

The martyr friend lives in the largest room

constantly trying to get the attention of other tenants.

The intellectual occupying the living room

broadcasts doom and gloom

providing “his” version of truth for consumption.

It is time to evict all the tenants.

It is time to be selective of our tenants.

A new sign goes up:

“Vacant room available.”

“Background check (intention) required.”

Copyright @ 2011 by Shervin Hojat

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