Prison Guards

Dreams are one of the important tools mentioned in Tending to Your Garden Within that you can use to tend to your own garden within.  Dreams are an aid to connect with Spirit, or higher Self, and utilize the messages received to know self, and to create a more beautiful garden within.
It is important that we document, understand, and honor our dreams. 
Documenting a dream is as simple as writing down our dream as soon as we awaken.
Understanding our dreams may take time at first, until we get familiar with the meanings of the symbols in our dreams.  Sometimes, to better understand a dream, I share my dreams in a dream group and listen to the feedback of the other group members who state their interpretation as “if it was their dream”.  I then accept those potential meanings that resonate within me.
Honoring a dream is doing something meaningful to acknowledge and thank the Universe for the dream.  It could be a reminder by your desk, displaying a picture of a flower that brings back a memory of the dream, or a call to your friend.
I had a dream some time ago which I would like to honor by sharing with you.  I believe it has a message for every reader which highlights how our limiting thoughts and beliefs are holding us back in our own prisons.
Prison Guards
The prisoner enters the prison.
He does not know why he is going to prison;
he does not question it.
The entrance door is wide open;
there are no guards.
He thinks
the guards are surely somewhere watching
the entrance and the prisoners.
The prison is very crowded.
Everyone is trying to survive
and not upset the guards.
The prisoner has a good heart
and is helpful to others
in the prison.
The prisoner tries to make the best he can with his situation.
One day …
The prisoner, during a walk around the prison
has a new awareness.
He notices many prison cells with bars.
He notices many prisoners busy in their cells,
their cell door open.
The prisoner still does not see any prison guards.
He walks out of the prison and wanders in the street.
After a while
 loud bells signal
it is time to go back to his cell.
Something inside the prisoner’s head tells him:
“Be a good model and go back to your cell,
do not make the guards upset.”
He walks back into the prison.
There are no signs of guards at the prison entrance.
He goes back to his cell.
He notices that everyone is in their prison cell.
The doors are still open.
He still does not see any prison guards.
He gets the courage to ask
where are the prison guards?
A faint voice says,
“Look in the mirror.”
Copyright @ 2010 by Shervin Hojat

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